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The 2023 BEC Agenda

2023 Best Ever Program

Excel in 2023 and Beyond
*VIP and/or Conference Plus Only

March 8

Economic Primer

Economic Summit

  • Jill Funk

  • John Chang

  • Neal Bawa:  Post Interest-Rate-Hike World: The Five Most Data-Driven Things You Need to Know About Real Estate

4 Sessions in 30 minutes

  • Investing in Your Market for Lower Risk and Higher Yield

  • Build to Rent

  • Raising $40M as a Solopreneur

  • Elevating Communities


Short Stays and High Yields - Institutionalizing Short Term Rentals


Broker-Dealer Relationships & How to Legally Raise Capital

Verivest Best Ever Pitch Slam - Day 1!

[DLP] Building an Elite Organization - The Blueprint to a High-Growth High-Profit Business


[PWS] Keynote: "I am a successful, comfortable, doctor, what's next?"

Panel: Ground Up Development - The #1 Investment Play for 2023


[DLP] Presentation: X Theory - Achieving 10X Results


Panel: Capital Markets: Navigating Rate Environments Across All Lender Types


[PWS] Panel: Breaking The Golden Handcuffs


[DLP] Workshop: Building Your Elite Compass


Building The Perfect Multifamily Team for Speed and Scale


Intellectual Debate: Does Inflation Cause

Lower Real Estate Values for Short Term


Lease Assets?


Conference Plus/VIP: Partner Hunting Event with Matt Faircloth


March 9


VIP ONLY Breakfast

The Anatomy of a Successful Syndicator

Risking it for Good - Impact Investing to Drive Social Change

Joe Fairless Keynote


Making Every Day Count - Lessons on Life From a REIT CEO


The Velocity of Capital - How to Compound Your Returns

Guess That Cap Rate Game Show!

DLP Elite Accelerator:  The 5 Keys to Success, Significance, and Happiness

Physician Wealth Summit: Peter Kim Keynote

DLP Elite Accelerator:  Passive Investing in Impact Funds - Doing Good While Doing Well for Your Family

Physician Wealth Summit: Networking by Geography 

DLP Elite Accelerator: Relationship Longevity

Physician Wealth Summit: Panel: Up-Leveling All Aspects of Life

Verivest Best Ever Pitch Slam - Day 2!

Ivan Barratt Keynote: Building Your Syndication Empire

Fireside Chat: Turning Pro - How Dealmakers Become CEOs and Leaders

Fireside Chat: Ironclad Debt & Equity Structures for Every Transaction

Best Ever Party

March 10

VIP ONLY Breakfast

Verivest Best Ever Pitch Slam - Finals

Physician Wealth Summit: My Roadmap to Save Thousands in Taxes for the Busy Doctor


Your Building's Impact: Environmental Investing Lessons From a $3B VC Fund


Physician Wealth Summit: Panel: Tricks to Grow Your Wealth Wisely

Physician Wealth Summit: Networking and Raffle Giveaway


Live podcast episode on stage


Announce Verivest Best Ever Pitch Slam Winners

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